Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products
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Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

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Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

3 Creative Uses For Acrylic Fabrications In Your Commercial Bakery

Aloïs Boyer

When you pass the acrylic fabrications shop on your way to your commercial bakery every morning, you may never give this skilled trade shop a second thought. However, there are many reasons why an acrylic fabricator could come to be one of your most valuable business suppliers in the bakery business. Acrylic materials, which are much like plastic but far more durable, could come in useful for everything from packaging to displaying your products, and everything in between. Here are three creative uses for acrylic fabrication in your commercial bakery that you should definitely consider.

1. Work with a designer to create astounding cake and pastry displays.

Because acrylic is so versatile, it can be cut, molded, and formed into varying curvatures and shapes. By working with a designer in an acrylic fabrication shop, you can design a custom pastry and cake display that completely conforms to the shape, style, and individuality of your bakery. Not only are acrylic pastry cases versatile in their design, they are highly resilient as well, having the ability to outlast glass by a long shot without the concern of damage.

2. Obtain custom cake stands for cakes of every style and size.

Many bakeries that boast a lot of custom cake sales go for wooden cake stands that are cut and formed to fit their creations. However, fabricated acrylic cake stands make a lot more sense. Acrylic is lighter in weight than wood, which means the cake stand itself will not add heft to the cake so it will be easier to maneuver and transport. Plus, acrylic is just as strong and supportive as wood without having to be as thick in construction, making it easy to add support without altering the overall appearance with bulky stands that take away from the design.

3. Take advantage of crystal clear signage that is bound to be an eye-catching feature in your bakery.

Acrylic signage is unique for a lot of reasons. It is lightweight, so it can be mounted just about anywhere without effort. Acrylic is translucent, so it works incredibly well with lighting implemented. Acrylic wording signs with lighting cast a glowing back-lit look on the wall to give a 3-D sort of appearance that is attractive and an effective way to catch attention of your customers. Use this crystal clear signage over specialty cake displays in your bakery and every passerby is bound to take note.