Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products
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Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

About a year ago, I could tell that my business was starting to struggle. We were having a tough time meeting deadlines and working with manufacturers, and it seemed like we were starting to sink. I knew that we had to do something, so we started looking for easier ways to manufacture our products. We decided to update our equipment and retrain all of our employees. It was amazing to see how much of a difference it made. This blog is all about finding different ways to stay on top of your business manufacturing, so that you can keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

Four Tips To Make Your Candy Boxes Stand Out

Aloïs Boyer

If you make candies and sweets to sell either in your own store or at craft shows, you know that one of your most important marketing tools is your candy boxes. The right boxes can attract a lot of attention and attract buyers who sample your candy, realize how amazing it is, and continue to purchase it again and again. Here are four tips to make sure your candy boxes do their marketing job well.

Include Windows

You can find candy boxes with and without windows. Some candy makers prefer the windowless boxes because they tend to be more sturdy, but you are doing your marketing efforts a real disservice by choosing this type of box. A box with a window lets the customers catch a glimpse of the candy inside, which helps entice them to purchase that candy. Look for boxes where the window is just a little portion of the top of the box. The sides of the boxes will still be sturdy enough to let you stack them on display.

Choose a Simple Color

You want your candy to be the star of the show. So, while you want boxes that look nice, you should aim for simplicity rather than a complex pattern or a bright color. Plain, white boxes are conventional, but to set your brand apart, you may want to go with a different color. Pale pink, pale yellow, and light gray are good choices that don't overwhelm the eye. You may become known for your simply colored boxes. Customers will talk of your candy as "the brand in the pink boxes" or such.

Include Basic Information

While you don't want to print loads of information about your store and your candy on every box, you do need some information. Have the box manufacturer include your business name and website address. This way, if the customer gives your candy away as a gift, the recipient will at least know where it came from and how to get in touch with you to order more.

Customize Your Sizes

Don't just buy one size of box. A big box might be nice for plain chocolates, but you probably want to sell your specialty, high-end truffles in smaller boxes. Buy at least three box sizes so you can choose, from the three, the most suitable size box for each type of candy on your menu. You can also sell some candies in multiple sizes. Contact a company, like Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC, for more help.