Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products
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Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

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Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

Learn More About The Processes Used For Sheet Metal Fabrication

Aloïs Boyer

Sheet metal is an important material that is used in a wide array of industrial projects. Transforming it into something that will be safe, versatile, and affordable involves intricate fabrication processes. You can appreciate these processes and invest in materials for your industry by learning more about sheet metal fabrication.

Commonly Used Materials

Sheet metal fabrication today is used on a variety of metals. Some of the most common metals that undergo fabrication processes include steel, aluminum, and magnesium. Materials like copper, brass, and bronze are also routinely used.

These metals are among the easiest to fabricate for a broad scope of industrial purposes. They also are some of the most readily available to sheet metal fabricators and can be purchased affordably.

Common Fabrication Processes

Sheet metal fabrication involves a number of processes that are designed to make metals more pliable and easy to use in construction, manufacturing, and other projects today. Bending is one of the most common processes used in this type of fabrication. Bending can be carried out either by hand or with the use of machinery like press brakes. It transforms the metal into the exact shape for which a project calls.

Stretching is another forming process used in this fabrication. Stretching the metal makes it thin and long or wide enough to use. Machines that are used for stretching metal include an English wheel, stretcher, hammer or dolly.

Cutting is also an important process used in sheet metal fabrication today. Cutting can involve using a simple single blade to make a cut in a piece of sheet metal. It can also involve using a machine to punch holes in the metal, a process that is known as blanking.

Lasers are also used to cut sheet metal during this type of fabrication. A laser makes a more precise cut in thick metals. Lasers are also used to engrave metals during fabrication.

Industries That Use Metal Fabrication

Dozens of businesses in an array of industries benefit from sheet metal fabrication. Companies that offer HVAC services, for example, often need metal that is shaped, trimmed, and cut to fit inside of central heaters and air conditioners. Likewise, automotive and body repair shops invest in fabricated metal with which to restore cars' appearances and functions.

You can invest in sheet metal fabrication for your company by learning what it is. You can get metals that are fabricated for your specific purposes.