Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products
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Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

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Finding Better Ways To Manufacture Your Products

Smart Ways To Shop For Peristaltic Pumps

Aloïs Boyer

If you need a way to move liquids in a sterile way to different areas, peristaltic pumps are often going to get you the best results. That's because they don't have any exposed pump components. This design will really pay off if you're careful about which pumps you buy. 

Look for Tubing That Holds Up to Regular Pressure

Peristaltic pumps have rollers that move over tubes that contain the chemical being transported. Since these tubes will experience friction over and over while the pump runs, you need to be sure the tubing won't break down quickly.

Tubing that instead holds up will keep you from needing to service the peristaltic pump consistently and spending a lot of money on tubing replacements. Tubing that is thick, proven to work long-term in studies, and made with special materials is going to give you the most longevity. You might even need to customize the tubing that is incorporated into the pump. 

Choose a Size That Supports Relevant Your Materials Effectively

The size of this peristaltic pump is going to affect what type of materials you can move in a sterile way. For instance, really large pumps are capable of transporting solids. Despite their less fluid nature, the force and the room that the tubing provides will support great pumping action.

Conversely, if you go with a smaller peristaltic pump, you're going to be dealing with smaller tubing. You then will have to be more specific in what you plan on transporting, be it chemicals or even blood. 

Be Careful When Supporting Hotter Liquids

Even though there is a lot of flexibility in what a peristaltic pump can support in terms of liquids, there are going to be restrictions. That is usually the case when really hot liquids are used. The tubing that these pumps come with isn't always able to handle these hotter temperatures without damage.

If you are looking to transport hotter liquids, talk to a pump manufacturer to see what is and isn't possible. You may need to have the pump customized with more durable tubing or be put in touch with a pump manufacturer that is more capable of honoring your wishes to house liquids that are hotter than typical supported liquids.

Sterile liquid transporting can happen if you rely on peristaltic pumps. They are minimalistic, and that's a good thing for getting desirable pumping results. If you're candid in the capabilities of these pumps and their limits, it will be easy to select a peristaltic pump that gives you no trouble.